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Design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests, we never force our customers to follow our set itinerary rather we prefer to follow the idea suggested by our clients & arrange the trips accordingly.

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Testimonials The most impressive things that I can noticed about Adventure International, all trekkers get maximum flexibility to design portions of the trip to outfit being desires. For example: when I was the only one in my group.

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Devi Pandey "the man and inspiration behind

“Adventure Int'l Trekking Agency"

Devi Pandey has been involved leading treks, tours and adventure holidays since 1992. He has specialized in treks and tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Pandey has a passion for his own country, Nepal, and also a great love for the beautiful nature in the neighboring countries. He loves sharing his knowledge and interesting experiences with others.

Being active in the tourism industry is the perfect business for Pandey. Since 1992 he has lead many trekking groups in the Himalaya mountain range, and he is proud to say that until now he never once failed guiding all his clients to the top of several 5500m plus mountains.

Devi Pandey was born in Mid-Western Nepal, in the small and remote village of Borlang-1, which is located in the Gorkha district of the   -Manaslu mountain range

He spent his childhood in Borlang. Being a farmer’s son, Pandey had to start work at an early age. It wasn’t always easy to combine both work and study, but his focus and determination proved to be strong and he succeeded in completing his education in Borlang. His friendly nature and helpful character endeared him to both the Acting in Television at the weekly comedy program (Beside of his profession he is a Member of Nepal Television forum).


Although Pandey had no support during his endeavor to build up his experience in the travel industry, with a view to one day owning his own travel-Trekking business, he persevered, and has finally reached his goal of creating his own Travel Company, Adventure International Trekking Company. He is happy that he is able to employ some of his own family members and provide employment to many others.

The past Four years of hard but exciting work have given Pandey a good understanding of the needs of International travelers. He can offer his experience and knowledge, not only about trekking, but about all possibilities in the Himalayan region, including the local traditions, the different religions, and the respect that this beautiful part of the world deserves. He has been traveled already many countries in the world such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapure, Bangladesh, Tokyo, Australia, USA, Tibet & India, where he has been collected many adventure activities.

Pandey deep and personal knowledge of his home country, Nepal, together with his talent to create unique and personalized itineraries to traditional and sometimes very remote destinations, makes him one of the top-ranking experts for traveling in Nepal and Tibet.

Pandey has the capacity to manage operations and details very effectively, so that all people involved are satisfied.

For your travel needs in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan you can contact Pandey at:

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